Time of Transition

Deep in my spirit I have known that we are now in a season of transition.  Transition is a passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another, i.e.; change! Many of us are being uprooted from what we have known and are being relocated.  For some it is a physical relocation and for others it is a spiritual or emotional one.  It may be a period of time where you are just waiting to see what God is going to do.

In the past seasons we seemed to have been given a road map to our destination but now it is as if our GPS is only allowing us to know one step or turn at a time!  It’s like trying to drive through thick fog.  You must slow down and sometimes just creep along hoping you see the stop sign or the street you are to turn onto. I prefer the clear and sunny days with my road map out and highlighted so I know ahead of time where I am going! But this is not the way God has chosen for us in this season!

Think of transition as a passage way to the next thing!  In childbirth, there is a time during labor that they call the transition time.  This is when the baby is in the passage way of the birth canal.  When the woman has dilated to 7 centimeters the stage of labor is now considered transition.  Once the baby’s head has crowned, the birth is imminent!  It is during this stage that the pain of childbirth and labor is increased.  The birth pangs are more intense and come with acceleration!  This is also the time that you will hear many women say, “I don’t want to do this! Can we just stop it now?” Unless we are given a pain blocker it is such an intense and painful time.  Yet once that baby is born we experience no greater joy than to hold that little bundle in our arms which we have carried within our belly for so many months.

This past season, many of us experienced a long and difficult journey.  We were in the midst of very intense circumstances. From every direction we may have been hit. Whether it was in our health, our families, our finances, our relationships, our ministries or all of the above! Disappointments and depression became a familiar feeling to many of us as we suffered the intense heat of our situations.  However, it was during this time whether we were aware or not that God visited us!

In Genesis 18 verse 1 it says,

“Now the Lord appeared to him (Abraham) by the oaks of Mamre, while he was sitting at the tent door in the heat of the day.”

If you are familiar with this chapter you will go on to read that it was during this time, during this heat of the day, that God visited Abraham and released the promise to him.  In verse 10 of Genesis 18 it goes on to say,

“He said, ‘I will surely return to you at this time next year and behold, Sarah your wife will have a son.”

Abraham had a promise from God that he would have an heir from his own household (Gen. 15:1-4). Many years had passed and when the promise looked like it wasn’t going to happen, Sarah and Abraham took it into their own hands to fulfill the promise that God had given them by using Hagar to become a surrogate for their heir.  His name was Ishmael (Gen. Chapter 16).  Later in Scripture we see that God tells Abraham that Ishmael is not the intended promise but that the heir would come from Sarah’s womb (Gen. 17:15-16).  Sarah had been barren all these years and Abraham was 86 years old when he became a father through Hagar for the first time.  It would be another 13 years before the intended promise was fulfilled!

Yet in the midst of the heat of Abraham’s situations God shows up and says now is the time and season for your promise to come forth!  When all seemed dead to him and Sarah, God shows up!  Now was the time when the seed of his promise was finally fertile!

Friends, during our most difficult times, during the heat of our day, God came and the seed of our promise was fertilized!  Otherwise known as “Pregnancy”!  I believe that we are pregnant with the promise of what God had spoken to our hearts so many years ago.  But not only are we pregnant, we are nearing the end of the pregnancy and some are already in labor to bring the promise forth!

Prior to when labor starts, many women can feel that the time is near and they begin to do what is called “nesting”.  During the weeks preceding labor, the woman begins to clean and prepare the surroundings for the new baby! I remember this stage very well!  I would begin to scrub and sanitize the areas of the house better than a normal cleaning.  I wanted my child to come home to sterile surroundings so that there would not be risk of infection.  I would also make sure that I had what was needed to care for the baby, i.e.; receiving blankets, diapers, clothes, etc!

Spiritually speaking, I believe that God is nudging us to begin nesting by cleaning up, sterilizing and preparing the surroundings for our promised child. Just as I didn’t want any virus or unsterile condition to threaten the health my child, God doesn’t want anything to come in the way of the promise He has given!  Spiritually this may mean taking a closer look at your character and how you use your words.  Do your words and character bring forth life or death?  What kind of environment will you be bringing your promise into?

Sterilization deprives the infectious area the power of reproducing.  We do not want the long awaited promise to arrive only to birth forth a sick child.  When we give birth in a hospital, they have taken many measures to be sure of a sterile condition.  We must press in to hear from the Lord as to the areas of our life that may need the sterilization hereby cutting off the power to reproduce that which could cause death or harm to us or the intended promise. Expect this season to be one of a cleansing of our house so to speak!

Friends we are in the transition time of labor! The promise is in the passage way of the birth canal and its crowning time is imminent!  Let us prepare ourselves for the promised child!  Hang tight as the labor intensifies knowing that your promise is about to be birthed!  Birthing is also a bit messy but if we prepare now to sterilize our surroundings, the mess of child birth will be an easy clean up and we will enjoy the pleasure and joy of holding that bundle of promise in our arms!

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  1. Wayne Reply

    This article on transition sounds like my life for the last year. Thanks.

  2. Darlene Reply

    I just looked at your website. Now I understand why the Lord had me had you and your friend ,Tonia? Pray for me. Because of what the Lord is doing in my life and dream s I have are so vivid. I would like to get your book. I am in unfamiliar territory now and out of work. Asking what direction Lord have me to take. Been in ministry for years. Now “one day at a time” Thank you, God Bless

  3. Terri Reply

    Wow! What a great word of encouragement! For the past year I have been in transition. I lost my job, then my home. Along the way relationships were strained and a couple of them even lost. It’s been tough but I know that my times are in God’s hands. He is faithful that promised!

  4. Pamela Beatty Reply

    Yet again, what you have written has so beautifully blessed my heart! (I left a reply to your other post.) I have so much going on right now but I keep trying to grow and listen to the Lord. Today, I just finished reading your book, “Parables in the Night Seasons”. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Thank you so much for all the time you spent writing your book and making the time to publish it. This will be a book that I keep going back to. Please keep writing on this website as well. You give such great wisdom from the Father’s Heart. God bless you!!

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